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Inspired by hundreds of years of culture and art, we give you two rooms of high definition sound, video and art in one of Stockholm's finest venues.

ROOM 1 - Experimental edm, elektronica, minimal, techno

21-00 Ossian Reynolds & Lylloop
00-01 Allison Chanic
01-02 Ida Matsdotter
02-03 Joel Dittrich

Joel Dittrich - Live Audio/Visual
Deep and dark techno coupled with black and white visuals.

Audio/visual artist and university college teacher Joel Dittrich, live with the latest incarnation of White Noise/Black Noise. An audio/visual project where Dittrich is experimenting with intermodal aesthetics, creating audio and visuals side by side and performing live with a digital set up, relaying heavily on OSC, MIDI and audio analysis, to control audio and visuals simultaneously.

Dittrich just arrived home after a praised show at Elektra Festival in Montreal. Before that he spent a month in San Francisco, to gain new inspiration, collaborate and produce content as well as to lecture on A/V and projection mapping, at University of California Santa Cruz. Dittrich also performed live at The Lab (Beautiful Noise Series). In Sweden Dittrich teach at several university colleges and engage in different projects in the audio/visual realm.

Allison Chanic - Live
The multi disciplinary composer and artist, Allison Chanic, enters the avant-garde, post-classic, ambient, ghetto-tech-genre. Her independence and broken voice have kept parts of America, Europe and Asia entertained for the past two decades and she is known as The Queen of Heartache. This is her musical odyssey in light and darkness, let the void consume you.

Kamen Zlatev - Art installation

And of course the well known founders of The Bang Bang Bar Ossian Reynolds and Ida Matsdotter.
Together with their favorite sound designer Johan Lylloop.
Live techno, electronic devices, vocals, saxophone, oscillators and other live inputs.

ROOM 2 - Acid rock, alternative psychedelica, Avant-Gardeblues

Dean Allen Foyd

Dean Allen Foyd is a psychedelic rock band from Sweden. They are made up of Francis Rencoret (Vocals & Guitar), Fredrik Cronsten (Bass), Erik “Errka” Petersson (Organ) and Wille Alin (Drums).

" If you have any interest in the psychedelic music of the sixties then you simply have to check out Dean Allen Foyd. They are clearly heavily influenced by the genre but they still manage to sounds fresh and relevant. It has that familiar sixties sound and yet somehow it still manages to be new and exciting. Good things were written about this band when they released their debut last year and it seems that they are now living up to the hype." 5/5 (USA)

"had this record come out back in the day, it would have been perfectly in place, not to mention, the record would more than like have been a collectable on vinyl – but the time is now, and these guys do fit in perfectly today with fans who love real rock music that isn’t synthetic."

Now after a finishing their extensive triumphant tour around Europe and performing an amazing gig in Gothenburg's Pustervik, we finally have them back in their home town for a special show together with Experimental Avant-garde band Invader Ace and artistic films projections by film maker and documentary director Angela Bravo.

Invader Ace

INVADER ACE is a duo pioneering the genre tubatechnoradiopop. Since the band was founded it has spent ridiculous amounts of money on old radios, broken drum machines and cheap electronic gear. This investment, combined with reasearch on two of the strongest forces in the universe(dance and love), has so far resulted in a brand new EP ”DANCE”.

The duo consists of Peder Simonsen on Tuba, elctronics and drum machines, and Anton Toorell on vocals, guitar, elctronics and no-input mixingboard. All these magnificent sounds are then transmitted via FM senders to a wall of old tube Radios, used as amplification.


Marielle Hasselblad
Marcus Lindström (Läder, Not Of This World, Riche Lilla Baren)
and more to come!


Magnus Lundin
Angela Bravo

TIME: 21-03

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DJUNGELDISCO! Dans & Lek FÖR HELA FAMILJEN! NÄR: Lörd 9 dec kl 14-16 VAR: På Urkraft Dansskola, Sveavägen 128, 113 50 Stockholm Yes! Det blir ett till Djungeldisco 2017! Lördagen den 9e december kan du dansa loss med familjen på Urkraft igen!

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